Work & Study

Our Work & Study programme is ideal for students who want to make significant improvements in their English level while living & working in a beautiful country and experiencing the authentic Irish life. The programme includes 6 months (25 weeks) of tuition, a globally recognised certificate and an 8-week holiday over an 8-month visa.

Spend up to 24 months (two years)
studying and working in Ireland

In total students may study for a total of three consecutive 8-month programmes over a 24-month period on condition they pass the exit exam at the end of each period. All students enrolled on this programme are required to sit a recognised exam if they want to register for another programme. Our programmes prepare early learners from elementary to intermediate to take an Integrated Skills in English (ISE) exam accredited by Trinity College London where more advanced leaners can prepare for the IELTS exam.

Right to Work & Job Support

We know many of our students are eager to find part-time work while studying with us. All students enrolled on this programme are entitled to work 20 hours per week throughout their course and for the duration of their visa. Students are also entitled to work full-time 40 hours per week during holiday periods. We host a weekly workshop to give advice on how to structure and format a CV and provide practical information on how to find work. While the emphasis is always on the student to find their own job, we also partner with employers in healthcare, hospitality and food production to place students in real employment.

General English or Exam Preparation

The basic programme includes 15-hours tuition per week. Leaners from Elementary to Intermediate will follow the General English 15 programme and leaners from Intermediate to Advanced level will follow Exam Skills 15.


Elementary to Advanced. 


New students can start any Monday.
Open to students aged 16+ with an A1 level of English.


The focus of the programmes adapts to the stage of each individual leaner with a focus General English and
communication for more basic users progressing to Exam skills for more advanced leaners.


Progress Test & Progress Report every 6 weeks.
Level Progression Test every 12 weeks.

Work & Study Package Fees