Erasmus Plus

Working in partnership with Europass Teacher Academy, we have developed an innovative and exciting range of professional development programs for teachers and professionals in education. Europass Teacher Academy is Europe’s largest provider of teacher training programs delivering over 200 programs to 10,000 candidates per year.

Erasmus Plus Teacher Training

Designed and delivered by expert trainers in the field our courses have been divided into four themes.

English & CLIL

Our innovative courses are aimed at language teachers and teachers of other subjects, who would like to learn new
teaching techniques including CLIL theory and practice.

Digital Skills & ICT

Technology is transforming the classroom, yet many experienced teachers find it challenging to adapt. Our courses
are designed to make digital tools accessible for all.

School Innovation

Our courses are aimed at school managers and enterprising teachers who want to make an impact on their school
and local environment.

Creativity & Soft Skills

Our Creativity & Soft Skills courses are designed for teachers who find it challenging to be their best in classrooms
filled with students with increasingly diverse needs.