Exam Skills & IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation

IELTS Preparation – 15 Hours

Our experienced trainers will guide you through a 12-week preparatory program offering you a clear path to your desired goals. You will develop a strong understanding of the exam structure and learn effective techniques and strategies to achieve the best results. Your trainer will guide you through each section offering you plenty of opportunity to practice, review and refine and to develop the confidence, fluency and accuracy needed to achieve the result you deserve.   

Start Date: Every Monday 

Levels: Beginner B2 – C1 

Age: From 16+ 

Writing: Learn how to present and develop your main points by practising exam papers while using comparisons and analysis. 

Speaking:Develop your speaking fluency to be able to give clear opinions and detailed instructions with a consistent flow. 

Listening: Understand extended speech, both in an everyday and academic context, and be able to extract accurate meaning.    

Reading: Understand long academic text and reports where the writer expresses opinion or adopts a point of view.