Why Ireland?

Ireland is a small, safe, and beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage and the cities are buzzing with things to see and do. A young country with a thriving economy, world-famous nightlife, and generous working opportunities. What are you waiting for?

A small, safe country in Europe

Ireland is famous for its hospitality and the Irish people are naturally warm & friendly. With a population of 5 million, where 50% of the population are under the age of 30, it is one of the youngest countries in Europe. The country has a rich cultural heritage in music, art, poetry and dance and the cities are buzzing with things to see and do. The nightlife is world famous, but equally attractive is the accessibility of the great outdoors and the range of activities from hiking to biking and sailing to cycling.

Small and safe Country Ireland

A thriving economy and a hub for business

The economy in Ireland is thriving, and the country is fast becoming a global hub for technology, business, science and pharma. Almost every major global tech company has a presence in Ireland and nine of the top ten pharmaceutical companies are located here. There are currently 80,000 people working in tech in Ireland and a further 8,000 jobs are predicated to be created each year. One of the major attractions to Ireland for these international companies is access to highly educated and young graduates with the skills and drive their companies forward.

Thriving economy