Learn English and work in Ireland!

With the 8-month Work & Study program, you can travel to an English-speaking country in Europe with a work permit that will help you pay for your trip and study.

Why ELI Schools?

All of our students who received a visa found a job in Ireland in the first month of their stay.
We provide free consultations to our students, help them with applying for a visa, organising accommodation for the first time and finding a job.

Application process

Where to start?

1. Select courses

We have two locations: the capital Dublin and the quiet town of Drogheda, also two shifts of courses – morning and afternoon. Our consultants will be happy to advise you on the features of each option!

2. Book your stay

Our students usually book accommodation for 4 weeks – so you have a month to look for cheaper long-term accommodation directly in Ireland. We offer two accommodation options – in a host family(breakfast and dinner included, plus English practice) or in a residence (in the city center).

3. Select the start of course and register

Courses start every Monday, but expect the visa process to take for around 8-12 weeks. Anyone over 18 can register for the program. The knowledge of English is not required(but knowledge will facilitate your adaptation).

4. Arrival

After obtaining a visa, our consultants will send you all the necessary documents from the school to enter the country. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed at your booked accommodation.

5. Work

The first day is orientation, where you will be told everything about the program and will be given a free walking tour. On Wednesday, we are holding a Jobs club, where you will be explained how and where to look for a job.

6. Enjoy Ireland!

Every week the school organizes various excursions, tours and parties for students. You can also get a visa to other European countries and even the UK from Ireland and travel!

What are you waiting for?

Do you want to live and work abroad?
Do you want to learn English while surrounded by native speakers and being able to cover your expenses on your own?

Start now!

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Work & Study Program Pricing

The program includes:

– 25 weeks of General English course, 15 hr/week, with morning and afternoon shifts
– Application fee
– Materials(1 book)
– Trinity College London ISE
– Learner Protection Insurance
– Medical Insurance

 15h/week 15h/week
General English – 25 weeks ELI Dublin


General English – 25 weeks ELI Drogheda 3085 2710€

Reviews from our students

Ademi Sarsen

My 6 months at ELI Schools passed very quickly, here I didn’t only study the IELTS Preparation program, but also met a lot of interesting people. This is my second experience living outside of Kazakhstan, and I am very glad that I came to this country. Despite the cool weather, I fell in love with Ireland for its beautiful nature. I recommend 100% visiting this country and gaining this experience.

Moldir Tankibaeva

Hi Aidana, I want to thank you for a very interesting course and I do not regret choosing you - ElI School. I practice a lot 🙆🏻‍♀️ and it was also not difficult to find a job. Many thanks to you and ELI School! -

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    Ireland offers many great opportunities for its students. It is English speaking country in Europe, so you do not need to learn an extra language to adapt and in addition to that, Irish people are well-known as one of friendliest nations. Courses in Ireland are cheaper compared to other English speaking states but at the same time visa acceptance rate for Ireland is also much higher. The country is often called Sillicon Valley of Europe as many international companies’ headquarters are located there (for example, Google, Indeed, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc.) Due to fast growing economy and small population, Ireland offers great work opportunities to its students

    It is a 25+8 program, which means 25 weeks of English classes plus 8 weeks of holidays. There is an 8-month visa for each term, which can be extended twice (for which you don’t need to apply for visa again), so you can stay in Ireland for up to 2 years to earn overseas working experience, improve your English with native speakers, and travel around Europe!

    Studying and working in Ireland is a very rich and enjoyable experience. You are allowed to take a part-time job while taking classes, and you can also take a holiday to explore other European countries. Rayan Air is your best option, their tickets are super cheap.

    Morning classes last from 9 to 12, while afternoon classes last from 2pm to 5 pm. All our students, of both morning and afternoon classes, successfully found job.

    ELI Schools are really flexible and understanding of our students. In any case, they can be transferred from the morning class to the afternoon class or from the afternoon class to the morning class if there is availability.

    There are many types of part-time jobs that you can try in Ireland! 

    In general, students work in retail, catering, hotels, health care or restaurants and pubs and so on. Another good news is, if you have a high level of English and some critical skills (for example, engineer or IT. etc.), you can also apply for an internship with the company. 

    You can work 20 hours a week(part-time), but during summer months (from June 1 to September 1) and during Christmas months (from December 15 to January 15)  you can work full-time (40 hours).

    Current minimal hourly pay is 10.50 euros. So you can have a salary starting from 840 euro per month.

    Yes, but our school helps. For example, every Wednesday, we have a free job club. The club teaches you how to find a job, how to build a better CV, how to act in an interview (what are the potential questions, and etc.)

    The school also cooperates with many industries. Companies come to the school to recruit talents! Recently, we have recruited airport personnel and health care workers to the school, and many of our students have gotten jobs immediately.

    Also, many nearby stores, restaurants, and pubs cooperate with the schools. They notify us if they need staff, and then we forward the recruitment information to our students! None of our students experienced issues in finding job.

    First of all the embassy needs to see that you have booked accommodation for at least the first 2 weeks. Usually, students book and pay in advance for the first 2-4 weeks and then once they are in Ireland they find cheaper options of accommodation for the long term. The usual rental price(monthly average) is 500 euros.

    We offer both host family and student residence, depending on your preference. 

    Finding a job is usually not a problem in Dublin, but finding a house can be quite challenging. Because of this, the school has its own student residence. ELI students will never have to worry about not having a place to stay. 

    Host Family: Breakfast and dinner from Mon to Fri; three meals at the weekend. 

    Student residence: self-cater, in walking distance from school

    The only age requirement is that you must be over 18 in order to work legally in Ireland. The average age of our students is 28-35. However, the older student from our students who got a visa was reported as 57 years old.

    Both locations are brilliant. Teachers and staff and our students are all amazing. It all depends on what living style you prefer.


    – Capital city in Ireland.
    – Have more job opportunities

    – Rental is high.
    – Bureaucratic procedures may take longer time


    – Tuition is cheaper than Dublin.
    – Rental is cheaper
    – Quiet and authentic city where 90% of population – are locals

    – Less job opportunities
    – Public transportation is not that convenient

    P.S. Drogheda is only 30 minutes away from Dublin by bus/train/car.

    International students in Ireland have a special option. It’s the Critical Skills Work Permit. With this work permit, you can get a full-time working visa for two years. You can apply for a long-term residence permit after two years of working visa!

    Critical Skills means: engineers, IT talents, medical professionals, chefs, etc. Those with these relevant backgrounds can find jobs in Ireland very easy with a high starting salary (in average 30-40000 euro per year)  

    You can learn more about Critical Skills by clicking the link below!


    Life in Ireland has returned to normal! No need to show vaccination cards or PCR tests to enter Ireland.

    International students can also get vaccines for free if they need them!