Tours & Activities

Have fun with your colleagues

Live Ireland and Explore Europe with a guide

ELI who will take you to know the most spectacular places, making sure that you have a great time, that you live the best experience of your life and have the best memories.

Travel without worries

ELI Schools takes you to safe places with flights, transfers, activities, walks, etc. Always with the guarantee of having fun with your friends and creating the best moment of your life!

Many destinations to discover

Get to know the iconic and incredible places such as the Cliffs of Moher, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum or Big Ben in London.

Thousands of places to explore It’s time to plan your trip!

Monthly Calendar

You have to find out! Each month, the ELI Schools team generates a calendar of activities so that you can have a great time!

We have different activities for foreign students to live together and get to know a little more about the great Emerald Island.

ELI Weekend Tours

Ireland is the gateway to Europe!

You will have the opportunity to travel to different parts of Europe, so we invite you to know the different tours that ELI Schools has for you.


We invite you to see some of the best moments of our students in their different activities.You can be one of them!