Speak like a native

Speak Like a Native: Understanding Formal Discourse Patterns

Have you have ever wondered why, after years of learning English, you find yourself straining your ears to understand the unintelligible conversation English natives appear to produce? Or the seemingly
tangled web of ideas that pervade newspaper articles, novels, or other mediums of the written word? Then it is probable that you need to improve your knowledge of formal discourse patterns.

Knowing formal discourse patterns will help you manage key language functions, such as paraphrasing, making proposals / statements, common collocations and using the language of speculation. Learners will learn to identify and use specific language patterns in spoken and written contexts which are essential for gaining fluency and producing natural language.

Available Dates
Mon 27th June Mon 25th July
Mon 4th July Mon 1st August
Mon 11th July Mon 8th August
Mon 18th July Mon 15th August

Learning Outcomes:

This course will focus on: