Promoting Youth Participation

Promoting Youth Participation in Democratic Life and Environmental Sustainability

Traditionally, education has been a “topdown” process, in which government departments, academic management and often course writes, have dictated what is to be learned, how it is to be learned and for what purpose. The result of this approach has been an everincreasing lack of recognition for the professionals who are on the “front line” of education, a demotivated staff and learning community, and an overreliance on the coursebooks.

Democracy and sustainability are not just words. This course has been designed to challenge the current hierarchical structure by promoting a culture of collegiality to organizational decisionmaking, fostering democratic practices in the classroom, and explores teaching practices and reflection.

Available Dates
Mon 27th June Mon 25th July
Mon 4th July Mon 1st August
Mon 11th July Mon 8th August
Mon 18th July Mon 15th August

Learning Outcomes:

This course will focus on: