Literary Dublin

Literary Dublin: A Journey with Ireland’s Greatest Writers

This course will take you on a literary stroll through Dublin’s inspirational streets. While immersing you in the works of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Oscar Wilde, your guide will also demonstrate why a working knowledge of the city of Dublin can aid you in understanding, analysing, and appreciating Irish literature. Participants will spend part of each day reading and analysing specific sections of core texts set in Dublin, and then visit the actual place where the narrative took place.

The course has been designed to support learners by using maps, knowledge of historical anecdotes, and a deeper knowledge of literary language, so participants can develop an appreciation and greater
awareness of the historical context underpinning some of the most complex pieces of literary works ever published.

Available Dates
Mon 27th June Mon 25th July
Mon 4th July Mon 1st August
Mon 11th July Mon 8th August
Mon 18th July Mon 15th August

Learning Outcomes:

This course will focus on: