We pride ourselves on implementing the highest levels of guardianship, protection & monitoring standards to ensure every child is provided the best quality care. Students face many challenges when studying abroad including homesickness, cultural differences and language difficulties. For many this is their first experience away from home and it is critical that parents choose the right programme for their child. In choosing ELI as your guardianship and placement provider, you can feel content in the knowledge that your child is being well cared for and is gaining maximum opportunity from their high school abroad experience.

What is Guardianship?

We provide your child with a dedicated advisor and mentor who will guide and support them throughout their time in Ireland. We hire friendly and enthusiastic mentors who have travelled themselves and so can personally identify with challenges your child may face and teach them the skills to overcome them. We offer regular, real contact with each student. This includes a monthly scheduled visit although contact tends to be more frequent through a combination of phone communication and weekly attendance at our English class should your child wish to participate. All staff have undergone Child Safeguard Training & we have a clearly defined and implemented Child Protection Policy. All students are also provided with an out of hours emergency phone service on arrival in Ireland. This, in addition to mentor contact will ensure your child feels reassured and supported from the moment they arrive in Ireland.

Sports & Hobbies

We actively encourage all students to participate in sports or extra-curricular activities during their time with us. Not only is a great way to make friends, it also helps them to keep active and promote a more positive experience. All schools include sports as part of the curriculum and offer team sports after school.

We invite your child to highlight particular hobbies and interests as part of the application process to ensure that their high school experience with ELI is tailor-made to meet their individual needs and personal profile. In doing so, if a specific sport is not available in the school system or to the standard your child requires, we offer a club membership for an activity of your child’s choice, as part of our programme.

This will ensure students can keep up their favourite past-times and meet likeminded Irish friends. Below, you will see a sample table of activities that past pupils have pursued with ELI.