CLIL for PE Teachers

Erasmus Plus Teacher Training - CLIL for PE Teachers

Are you a teacher of physical education? This course has been designed to support P.E. teachers who deliver their classes through English. Teachers, primarily, will discover the practical applications of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), reflect on their current practices, work through case studies, and participate in a roundtable discussion on the most common issues facing bilingual education.

 Through learner-centred activities participants will discover how to manage their teaching practices with more effective results, while at the same time developing rapport with learners and fostering a collaborative learning environment in their lessons. In addition, participants will learn about complementary approaches to learning, such as the Flipped classroom, Project and Inquiry- based learning.

Available Dates
Mon 4th July
Mon 11th July
Mon 18th July

Learning Outcomes:

This course will focus on: