The Application Process

To apply for the High School Programme, the first step is to send us a short candidate profile. This should include the name, age & date of birth and any interests or hobbies or other relevant information. We will then suggest 2-3 school options that we feel match the requirements. Once students, parents and agents are happy to proceed a full application must be sent which should include:

Confirmation of Place

Places in schools are typically confirmed in the weeks after the Easter holidays, although we will be able to give a strong indication of availability prior to this.

Students and parents should note that if applying after Easter many of the more popular school choices may be full. However, we will always be able to find a suitable school for your needs.

Once the school place has been confirmed we will supply confirmation documents including acceptance letters, book lists & uniform requirements, and school calendars. For state schools these documents are typically available in the weeks after the end of the academic year in June.

Once flight information has been received, we will send a detailed host family profile along with your dedicated advisor. We aim to send these documents a full 6 weeks prior to arrival.