Ambassador Program

Your professional journey starts here!

It is time for you to share your own experiences, to talk with people from all nationalities and cultures, tell them about what you did and what you learned in your international adventure with ELI School and during your day-to-day life in Ireland.

You can talk to them about all the friendships you built, the culture you got to know, the city you chose to live in, about your classes, the trips you took, the job you worked at, and obviously about the incredible parties you went to! The best part it’s you can get in touch with prospective student in their native language.

Benefits of the ambassador program:

¿How does it work?

1. Create an account

First, let ‘s get to know each other. On the register form, we will ask you some questions about yourself to get to know you better.

2. Get to know the tools we offer

By being part of our team you will have access to information, visual material and especially you will have us by your side at all times.

3. Activities to be performed
Detail your profile
Share your experiences with other prospective students
Upload photos, videos, etc.
Be the best ambassador
We are passionate about what we do and that’s why we want people with the same passion to help us help others live this life changing experience. Do you want to join us?