International Ambassador Program

Join the #1 Ambassador Program for Irish Educational Institutions

WST Ambassador is a program we offer you an opportunity to change your life! We offer the opportunity to work with us while you keep focused on your goals. WST Ambassador is a group of young, enthusiastic, and international students. We are from different parts of the world looking for new experiences.

What do we offer to our ambassadors?

  1. Our Ambassador will work with us throughout the 2022-2023 season and will earn financial gain from the students they guide.
  2. We organize FREE personal development seminars with the joining of experts from over the world and certify our Ambassadors.
    • International Sales
    • Team Management
    • Time Management
    • SWOT
    • Coaching Session
  3. FREE Online Language Course and certified by ELI Schools in Ireland
  4. At least %50 Discounted study in English in Ireland/Canada in 2023 Summer for all Ambassadors.
  5. In 2024 Summer,  4 nights 5 days International Ambassador Camp in Cancun for TOP 5 Ambassador.
  6. International Carrier/Education Path Support by Coach & Our Academics.
  7. Opportunity to work in WST Offices in Global in 2024 after Cancun Camp.

Our main expectations from ambassadors?


All ambassadors must join training and language courses regularly.


They must periodically reporting their work to our coordinators. (Once a week)


They must join our weekly/monthly meetings.


To perform potential client research/ promote WST Group Programmes in the campus.


They should bring their ideas and brainstorming in the team.

Our main expectations from ambassadors?

It means representing our schools, our values, and our interests. We offer students an amazing personal service. Being an ambassador means a bond between the school and the student. You have to advise according to the needs of the student, for this reason, ambassadors should be polite, pleasant, and responsible. The student will trust you and will give their time and their money and you have to consider and respect them. A way to respect your student is by giving a great service.

Being an ambassador means being willing to help others and never forgetting we make mistakes and we are human. Don’t discriminate and be very patient with the rest of the people. For ELI Schools our students are very important but also our ambassadors. That’s why we care to give the best of ourselves and we bring an opportunity to grow with us. Because you worth it.

Who are we looking for?

The attitude is very important for this program, our ideal Ambassador must meet a number of soft skills requirements:

  1. Be Positive. The Ambassador has to be friendly, approachable, and face situations with resilience. “No-Person” takes away a lot of energy like dementors.
  2. Professionalism. An amazing Ambassador does their work, is a punctual and proactive person, acts as a representative, and can maintain professional composure when the time requires. It doesn’t mean to be stuffy or feel overwhelmed sometimes.
  3. Leadership and communications skills. The Ambassador is a person who encourages others to be better, expressing their ideas clearly and politely. Besides, they aren’t afraid to take the first step and help their team to achieve their goals.
  4. Accepting others. A great Ambassador can be made feel comfortable, is open-minded, and believes in diversity and inclusion. Everybody is different but all are humans too!
  5. Creative. Is a helpful tool for through any situation and to get out victorious, a creative person has the skills to cleverly solve any problem.

How does the process work?

The application process is TOO easy!
We explain how this work: Just have to Click on “APPLY NOW”, fill out our survey with your basic information, attach your CV, and reply to a quick test. We evaluate your candidature with all information you provide us and we send you an email with all details for an interview. If we choose you, we will send you an email confirming your participation in our programme, then, we schedule your start and training for work with us.

(Survey + Cv)



WST Profile for Ambassadors